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Steam Quality Testing

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QualUs has the ability to perform Steam Quality Testing of your steam test points to EN285 standards. QualUs also has the ability to take steam condensate samples for laboratory analysis. Our proximity to your site means that we are available to you when you need us, so impact to manufacturing is limited.

Do you know your steam? Can you say with confidence that the levels of non-condensable gases, the dryness value or the superheat value of the steam in your sites steam supply header is in compliance with EN285?

On occasion, Steam Quality can be responsible for temperature deviations in Autoclave loads and also within Steam In Place (SIP) circuits. As a consequence it is imperative that you know the quality of your steam in order to rule steam quality out as a potential suspect during fault finding of failed cycles.

QualUs can also provide you with a Steam Quality test kit suitable for your requirements.

Contact QualUs today to learn more about the range of test kits available. Training on the use of each test kit is also available; this can be performed on your site or off site.